Let´s review the parameters:

autoplay=true, stream will autoplay or autoplay=false.
language=fr , you can select one of those possible values.
It will group radios stations by language: ar,bn,cat,cn,de,en,es,fi,fr,gr,id,in,it,jp,kr,no,pt,pl
country=dz, you can select the radio stations country.

If language is selected, this criteria don´t apply.
Possible values: ae,ar,au,be,bd,br,ca,cat,ch,cl,cn,co,de,dz,ec,eg,es,fi,fr,gr,ib,id,in,it,
theme=dark or theme=light to change player color.
id=a341fe09 , this is a unique id for your website. Create a random one for your website.
social=true, if you want Social Media icons or social=false.
volume=true, if you want the volume control or volume=false.
pos=sticky (all icons on one line) or pos=widget (2 lines) to make it compact.
stations=true to have the station buttons enabled or stations=false.

Test it now, modifying the parameters in the url: